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Bridge Market

Bridge Market is a curated marketplace bringing together small-scale rural producers from Sri Lanka’s Eastern Province. Set beside the Batticaloa lagoon, this market is a community initiative where locally-grown, fully organic vegetables, fruits, ginger bee honey, curd, pickles, kithul treacle and other snacks are sold, alongside unique clothes, wooden carvings, heirloom embroidery and traditional instruments. All proceeds go to the farmers and producers.

Kokkadicholai Thanthondreeswarar Temple

A short drive from Pasikuda, the Kokkadicholai Thanthondreeswarar Temple is Batticaloa’s most significant Shaivism Kovil. Among the region’s oldest shrines, this temple features a vibrant facade, pastel pillars, magnificent sculptures of Lord Shiva, and interesting trivia like a bull statue said to have chased away Portuguese soldiers in the past. Thousands of pilgrims attend the mid-August chariot festival and fortnight-long ceremonies here.

Batticaloa Dutch Fort,

Erected in 1628, Batticaloa Fort has switched hands between several colonial powers under Portuguese, Dutch and British rule. This fortress flaunts four prominent bastions in the heart of town and is protected by Batticaloa Lagoon on two sides. Reimagine Batticaloa’s glorious past as an administrative and global trading stronghold by exploring the Dutch Fort complex on foot, where old cannons rest beside government offices that are still operational.

Pasikuda Beach

Pasikuda meaning ‘Green- Algae Bay’ is located approximately 35 kilometers away from the town of Batticaloa. The natural beauty of this beach with its horseshoe shaped bay, endless stretch of sandy shores and sparkling blue waters attracts visitors from all over the world.

The Singing Fish and the Kallady Bridge

The Kallady Bridge is Sri Lanka’s oldest and longest iron bridge and well known for the singing fish under the bridge. This bridge was first built by the British and was named after the wife of the British Governor of Sri Lanka; William Manning.

Water Sports at Pasikudah and Kalkudah

The perfect coastal conditions, an off shore coral reef system and rich in marine life of the Pasikuda and Kalkudah beaches give great opportunity for thrilling water sports such as surfing, snorkeling, diving, wind surfing, and kite surfing.

Batticaloa Lighthouse

The Batticaloa Lighthouse located at the joint where the lagoon meets the ocean and is one of the landmarks of British colonial heritage. At the top of the lighthouse you are greeted with a stellar view of the lagoon and the surroundings.