Sanju Pathirana


Meet Sanju Pathirana, our esteemed Senior Travel Executive at Beyondary Travels Sri Lanka. Sanju is a dynamic and creative force in the travel industry, renowned for her exceptional capacity to design and craft innovative itineraries. With a keen understanding of the diverse needs and preferences of our clients, Sanju goes above and beyond to ensure each itinerary is a masterpiece, carefully covering all aspects for travelers. Her commitment to excellence is reflected in her thoughtful approach, where she takes the time to think on behalf of the clients, striving to create the best possible travel experiences. Beyond her professional achievements, Sanju’s passion for creating unforgettable journeys makes her an invaluable asset to our team. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to transform ideas into extraordinary travel experiences set her apart as a leader in the field. In Sanju, clients find not just a travel executive, but a partner in curating moments that last a lifetime. Her innovative spirit and precise attention to detail makes her an vital part of Beyondary Travels’ experience.